2017 Jackson Coosa HD

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2017 Jackson Coosa HD

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Jackson Kayak’s top design team once again teamed up with pro kayak angler Drew Gregory to put an “HD” twist to the already popular Coosa model. This ‘heavy duty’ fishing craft boasts amped up specs/features and is slightly longer and wider than the original Coosa; this makes it even more stable and a perfect fit for anglers of all sizes or those who are really looking for a stand up fishing kayak. The hull is still river friendly, but the HD will track truer on the flat waters of lakes or inshore saltwater. Packed with features, the Coosa HD is ready for any type of fish on almost any type of water! 

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  • 1  - Hull Design

    Shaped slightly longer for more speed, plenty of rocker for maneuverability, and a wider hull that creates a much more stable and standing friendly kayak. The wider hull also creates more standing deck space.

  • 2  - Hinged Hatches

    Both bow and stern hatches are vastly improved, with an awesome hinged systems for opening. They are also lockable, keeping your gear safe. Front hatch has a paddle scoop for quick and easy paddle storage when fighting a fish.

  • 3  - Elite Seat 3.0

    NEW Charcoal Gray Elite Seat Cover

    The Elite Seat 3.0 has all the qualities of the Elite Seat 2.0, plus it is able to move fore and aft, enabling you to adjust the trim of the kayak based on the weight in the kayak. The Elite Seat 3.0 is everything you loved about the previous version with some tweaks that are certain to make your time on the water more enjoyable, sturdier and more comfortable than ever before. It has a new look and feel with 3D mesh fabric. Some new changes for improved ergonomics and comfort, along with more storage capabilities, and Therm-a-Rest lumbar pad. See full details in product description tab.

  • 4  - Removable Center Console

    The Center Console for the Coosa HD adds new features previously available. The Line Spooling Station allows anglers to store their favorite line or leader spools in a convenient spot for a quick line change.

  • 5  - Rod Tip Protector

    Dual Rod Tip Protectors ensure that your delicate rod tips aren't snagged by a passing tree limb.

  • 6  - Underseat tackle pockets w/ Plano boxes included

    Nifty Plano tackle box pockets underneath the elite seat 3.0 make reaching your tackle a cinch, plus keeps your boxes safe and dry being off the deck. When in the low position simply move the boxes over to their vertical tackle stager locations also on either side of the seat.

  • 7  - Rod Stagers

    Securing rods at arms reach is always an important feature for any fishing kayak. Not only does the Coosa HD come with two RAM rod holders, we have easy-access rod securing via our rod staging system shown here. You can clearly see how the bungee holds down your rod butts right at arms reach.

  • 8  - Drag Chain Chute

    Whether you're taking your Coosa HD on a river, lake, pond or saltwater most fishing applications require a way to stop or slow down. The HD comes equipped with a molded in ‘drift chamber’, a channel for drag chains/anchor to be used smoothly without installing any additional parts.

  • 9  - Goal Zero Ready  

    Front hatch specifically designed for easy attachment of the Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel. This is a great way to keep your electronics charged when on the water.

  • 10  - Yakattack Gear Tracks

    Located on both sides, in the front and rear of the kayak, the YakAttck gear tracks are built in to the kayak in easily accessible locations for adding accessories via Yakattack Screwballs and RAM Mounts.

  • 11  - PowerPole, Micro Anchor ready  

    The Coosa HD has a recessed area in stern of the kayak designated for the PowerPole Micro Anchor with threaded inserts for no drilling installation.

  • 12  - Tackle Management and Plano Boxes

    There are designated areas beside and under the seat that make reaching tackle boxes extremely easy and keeps your deck clutter free. This kayak includes (1) JK Plano 3640 Box.

  • 13  - RAM Rod Holers

    Each kayak includes (1) RAM ¼-20 X .5” Tough Ball (1.5”) and a RAM 2007 Rod Holder

  • 14  - Therm-a-Rest Lumbar Support

    Therm-a-Rest lumbar support is adjustable and removable, and makes for a great camp pillow.

  • 15  - Transducer Scupper

    A centrally located over-sized scupper that is large enough to recess transducers for easy installation and protection.

  • 16  - Two-Layer Standing Pad

    NEW Two-Layered Standing pad. Great for sound dampening and super comfortable for standing and fishing.

  • 17  - Heavy duty seat attachment buckle

    Durable and tough attachment that will outlast all the use and abuse you can manage, season after season. Keeps your seat locked in position and makes you feel connected to the kayak.

  • 18  - Hull Storage

    Open hull space that allows for safe storage of fishing rods, camping gear, PFD’s, dry bags, etc.. A great way to keep your gear safe when traveling and generous volume allows you to pack enough gear for expedition paddling.

  • 19  - GoPro Gooseneck

    This adjustable bendable neck delivers versatile camera angle adjustability. This slides right into the supplied GoPro mount, and allows you to adjust your GoPro to different heights and angles.

  • 20  - Flush Mount Rod Holders

    Easily reachable rod holders for the rear paddler, super secure for targeting larger fish.

  • 21  - Tankwell

    Large rear tankwell with bungee to put and secure gear, coolers or tackle. The Coosa HD also has a unique moveable bungee system. Both sides have YakAttack Gear Tracks with thumb screws that allow you to customize your tankwell.

  • 22  - Removable skid plate

    We protect the biggest wear area on the kayak with the skid plate. Your keel will last season after season with this smart feature.

  • 23  - Rod Butt Stager

    Two raised areas next to the bow handle were designed as a spot to place your rod but when needing to untangle rods/lures and keep your rod butt from sliding into the water.

  • 24  - Adjustable Ergonomic Foot Pegs

    Making the boat functional for paddlers of all sizes. The foot pegs adjust easily and have a soft rubber coating that will keep you comfortable all day.

  • 25  - Day Hatch

    More storage in easy reach of the paddler, great spot for smaller items like keys, phone, or wallet.*It is always a great idea to keep your important items in a completely waterproof container.

  • 26  - Ergonomic Handles

    NEW Ergonomic Handles with added grip textured inserts help you keep good contact when carrying your kayak, even when wet. Also, there is no fabric to ensure snag-proof days on the water.

  • 27  - Fish Grips  

    A great fishing tool for landing and handling fish in a kayak, especially ones with gnarly teeth. Can be attached to the kayak and used to keep fish alive in the water until you get the perfect photo and release the fish.

  • 28 - Line Cutterz

    Sleek, adjustable ring with double-sided blade perfect for quick and efficient cutting of mono-filament and braided fishing line. Blades are protected so safe and easy to use, convenient location on seat frame.

  • 29  - SealLine Seat Pouch  

    Water-resistant seat back pouch from SealLine. Heavy duty construction that will keep your items out of the elements. Removable for versatility and comes with bungee for added storage to easily accessible items.